Why settle for a ThousandEyes? With Catchpoint, you see more

Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) offers deeper, more global visibility than Cisco ThousandEyes or any ThousandEyes competitors with over 2700 independent, global vantage points.

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Why are people leaving Cisco ThousandEyes?

Some of the biggest issues facing ThousandEyes users:

Limited visibility

Lacking Internet insights, limited geographic footprint, no real time BGP data

Lacking independence

ThousandEyes is not independent since it is hosted on AWS and owned by Cisco

Missing essential features

No scenario testing, no 'what-if' analyses, 30-90 day data retention

Uncertain future

How much will ThousandEyes innovate on IPM given its increasingly minor status within Cisco?

Experience the Catchpoint difference

Full capability
Partial capability
No capability
Cloud hosting independence
Independent, distributed infrastructure not hosted on the public cloud
Global observability network
Largest active and diverse monitoring network inside the Internet (cloud, last mile, backbone, wireless)
Internet health at-a-glance
Global and regional visibility into thousands of Internet services with automatic incident correlation
Comprehensive BGP monitors
1,000+ public BGP monitors and 250+ owned monitors that are product-native
BGP live data set
Rich, scalable BGP data that updates in real-time
Track CDN performance and visibility into diverse ISP and connection types
Rich data exploration capability
100 standard metrics and 30+dimenions with ability to add custom metrics/dimensions
Unlimited customization of test types
Ability to turn any custom script into a monitor
Extended data retention
Extended storage periods of 3+ years of raw data
Traceroute ECN – monitor extreme lag-sensitive app
Track performance of lag-sensitive apps such as AR/VR, streaming, gaming, autonomous vehicles
Advanced webhook API integration
Real-time node data delivery to the customer database, with fully templatized alerts to fit custom needs
Network path evaluation
High frequency, continuous testing support
Network test timing
Testing only during application layer failures resulting in efficiency of resource usage in network testing
Web testing
Comprehensive, multi-layered web performance testing
A wide range of out-of-the-box integrations

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