Programm für die Widerstandsfähigkeit des Internets

Peak Periods. Peak Performance.

Be confident of your site performance and availability during peak traffic events with Catchpoint’s Internet Resilience Program.

Make sure you’re ready for times of peak traffic

The Internet Resilience Program combines the leading Internet Performance Monitoring platform with best-practice playbooks and around-the-clock monitoring-as-a-service to enhance Internet Resilience and website performance during critical periods such as Holiday Shopping or a Product Launch.

It’s like an insurance policy for your business.

Over 10 years of experience ensuring performance and reliability

The Internet Resilience Program provides access to our expert team of performance engineers responsible for setting up tests and monitoring your applications 24/7.

Each Holiday season, the Catchpoint Professional Services team guides eCommerce, retail, and travel customers through Black Friday. We’ve done this for over a decade, and we’ve mastered the critical actions required to mitigate risk:

  • Configure an optimal testing strategy leading up to the high traffic period.
  • Detect, report, escalate, troubleshoot, and fix outages and events.
  • Analyze and learn from industry and individual site performance reports following the event.
"During every Internet Resilience Engagement our team usually catch on average a dozen critical incidents that range from a simple-but-critical SSL certificate expiration to CDN outages to complex application issues that are otherwise hard to detect – these would likely have slipped through the cracks and could have had significant business impact."

Hussain Peeran
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Technical Services

We built this program to add a layer of performance protection to your internet applications. It gives you all of the power of the Catchpoint platform, plus a dedicated performance team to be on-call with your ops team on the year’s most important shopping day or during critical periods.

Martin Norato Auer

Vice President of CX Observability and Automation Foundations

As the global leader in enterprise application software, SAP highly values Catchpoint's Managed Services team for their 24x7 proactive monitoring of our 2000+ websites. They were instrumental in achieving zero downtime across all our websites during Black Friday — a time when disruptions are not an option for the countless eCommerce companies we support.

A world-class team supporting your business 24x7

During the program, your on-call team of Catchpoint performance experts will proactively monitor your site to detect outages, partial outages, performance bottlenecks, and other issues. We’ll receive all alerts, review data, and should a P0 issue occur — we’ll act as an extension of your in-house team, troubleshooting and communicating with you through your preferred channel.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your site performance. The analysis will include monitoring data, benchmarks against key competitors, and recommendations on performance optimizations.

For 2 full weeks before and after the critical time period, you’ll have increased person-power, with no need to deviate from your established monitoring strategy—and no training required during Black Friday crunch time.

What's included in the Internet Resilience Program?

Expert assessment of your existing monitoring set up

Review current test setup and recommend changes for approval.

Optimize incident management with alerts you can trust

Test frequency and alerting go hand in hand to make sure that your mean time to detect (MTTD) is as low as possible.

Pinpoint the root case of failures

Automatically run ping, traceroute, and DNS traversal tests on the primary and referenced hosts whenever tests fail to identify potential issues.

Focus on what matters

Hosts and zones enable you to bucket webpage objects to easily identify the source of poor performance as first-party, third-party, CDN, etc.

Reduce noise

Precisely configure alerts based off only predefined criteria if, for example, you do not want to be alerted to a misfiring third-party tag in the early morning hours.

Visualize the end-user perspective

Gain insights into exactly what your customers are experiencing to enable us to detect, correlate, and resolve issues instantly.

Flexible enrollments

The Internet Resilience Program is open to current Catchpoint customers and new users alike. It is usually offered as a two week, 24x7 program for peak traffic events such as:  

  • Black Friday or holiday season for retailers
  • Support for advertising campaigns during top sporting events
  • Major product launches critical periods such as holidays, deadlines, or peak activity

To ensure proper on-boarding and test setup, service requests must be submitted at least one month in advance.

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